Switching primary camera person

Hello All,

My family members are new users of the Yi Dome camera. I initially set up the cameras, but did not realize that all of the camera setting controls would only be on my phone and not on my aunt’s phone. Is there a way we can both have access to the camera settings? Thank you for your help!

Hey @cjimerson Welcome to the community! Thank you so much for your question. You have a couple of options…

If comfortable, you can share your app login credentials with your Aunt. She can download the app, and login her self, giving her full control.


We have a family & friends sharing option. Open up your app, select “Account” on the bottom menu selection. In your Account settings, under “home/away” and just above “notifications”, you’ll see our “share” option. Select this, then follow instructions for inviting your Aunt to have access on her own phone.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Hope all goes well!