Subscription paid but to package

Dear Community,

I hope you are all well.

I recently paid for a year subscription for YI cloud services (renewal) however, despite this being paid via Apple Pay and sending proof of payment to Kami support, I have no active plan on place. Can any one provide advice on this issue please.

Hello customer services are best placed to help you. If you have a reference number for your engagement to date post it to this thread and @Steven_Kami may be able to assist.

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@Steven_Kami please could you kindly look into ticket 587477 please. I am not sure as to why customer support are not responding.
I need this CCTV as it captures incidents of antisocial behaviour which I require for evidence purposes.

@YorkshireUser I hope all is well with you. Do you happen to have any other suggestions please?
I think I may just have to cancel my payment and find another Cloud service, as the customer support team are not responding to my emails but a subscription charge has being taken.

I haven’t sorry. @Steven_Kami will respond on here and fi is best to sort but no doubt he is out of the office at the moment.

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I have the same problem. Please what do I do?
Paid with Apple Pay and can’t bring up cloud.

Hello all - Thanks for your patience. Can you please go to

Login with your app credentials.
Select Orders
Manage Order
Then, make sure ALL your cameras are synced to your account.
If this persists, please send me your proof of purchase and email address on file to

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