Stop Ads on push up notifications!!

I am very unsatisfied of your app because i can’t stop your UNWANTED push up commercial notifications advertising your UNWANTED cloud service.

I tested all the available pushup notifications settings and your UNWANTED ads are impossible to stop because you send throught the security alerts option (general).

I will never buy again a camera from YI Home.

In the past it was a good product/app but now you are obsessed to sell your unuseful Cloud Service since i use a cheap Sd Card i will never join it, so stop stop stop your push up Ads!!!



We are sorry for the trouble. We would like to offer you an exclusive discount on our ad-free subscription. By subscribing to our premium plan, you can enjoy uninterrupted access to all the features of our app without any ads. Please contact us at so we can further assist you.

And there lays the problem…. The guy says he DOES NOT want to purchase a cloud subscription because like many he is happy with his SD card.
So he therefore requests you STOP using the Advertisement system for cloud Subscription. However, in your typical wisdom you tell him he can have no ads so long as he purchases a cloud Subscription.
What a total joke……
You force ads onto us to purchase a cloud subscriptions then tell us if we purchase a subscription you will stop the ads.


I already bought 9 cameras and now I still have to pay for a subscription in order not to see constant ads!

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how Disgusting like this company push up advertisement in their APP and clients don’t have a control! It is unethical! Ezviz does much much better than Yi!

We don’t need any discount. We need Yi to do thing ethical by removing advertisement in APP!

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Amen. I want to see my camera feed, not an advert for some sweat shop like ‘Temu’ with annoying music everytime. It’s embarrassing to open the app in public.