Some cameras not able to view

The 3 cameras at the top of the screen are right next to the wifi router… You can see the 2 cameras load up no problem but the left camera will not load and shows connection failed _3003…all the cameras were purchased together and had no problem for 2 weeks then the left camera will not connect to the app… The camera has power and records full time but unable to access the camera on the apps either kami, yi, or windows. What is wrong with the left camera. I’ve tried unplugging it several times even for 1 hour and same thing… It will connect for about 30 seconds and then it goes right back to this every time. The other 2 cameras have no problem.

Hi, we would like to fix this. As we don’t have your email address, can you please write to us at so that we can help you better. We look forward to your email.