SOLVED - SD Card Playback Not Working

I’m having issues with my CACAGOO camera playback. Up until a couple of days ago I was able to scroll back and look at the footage on my camera SD card. It now is not letting me use the playback function, even though I think I’ve selected the right option on the settings (see attached photo). Can anyone give me any suggestions to try so that I can get this function working again please


Hi Carolyn, thanks for joining the forum. Can you please let me know what make and model SD card you have?

You could try formatting the card as that might help. As long as you don’t need the footage (as it will be erased). You can format the card from within the app (click on MicroSD Card).

Hi Mark
Thank you for your response. I had a SanDisk 8gb card in it. At weekend I changed it for a SanDisk 32gb class 10 card and it’s now working again. So I think the app must have had an update and not supported the SD card that I was using anymore, even though it had been fine for the past 9 months.

Hey Carolyn, thank you for the update! Was the 8GB card class 10? Perhaps the older card became corrupted. I don’t think the issue was app related. But anyway, I’m very glad it is working now.

I find “sandisk extreme” best. They’re a red and black card. Class 10 U3

SD cards are notorious, They’re possibly one of the most pirated products on the market. So many knock offs. A decent, authentic card needs to be bought from a reputable source and will set you back 15 to 20 bucks for 32 to 64 gig.

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Hi Mark

It was a SanDisk 8gb class 4 card, that was bought at the same time as the camera around 9 months ago so not sure had happened to it but I’m glad a new card has sorted my issue out.



I’ve now got a SanDisk ultra which is a red/grey colour. I’m in the UK so don’t know how the price compares to US prices but it was about £8 for 32gb

Great info. Thanks Brian!

Im in Ireland. I have about 10 of the Sandisk ultra in 32 and 64g in cameras.ive had to chuck out a few that were corrupt o didnt work. £8 sounds about right.

The Sandisk extreme pro is next up from your one in price and quality

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Sandisk also do a specialist video monitoring SD card:

“SanDisk high endurance video monitoring card”

Again represents value for money and said to be created for the function of these types of cameras and dashcams.

I have also used Samsung SD over the years and no issue.

I think the key is to look after them. Try not to touch the contact points and they will provide you with excellent service.


Thanks @Brian and @YorkshireUser for sharing your knowledge! I updated the topic title so this info is easier to find.

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Great thanks for the info, I’ll keep the extreme in mind incase I have any issues with the ultra at any point

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excuse me?, i have a problem about sd card on yi home, i have 2 yi home camera with sd card install in it, the first camera working fine, but the other one, the sd card not showing on yi home menu, i try to move sd card on the working one to the other camera that not show the sd card, same result, the sd card is good, trying to read on computer, just fine, need help please


Let me make your post clearer for me to understand.

You have two cameras both with SD cards in. One works one does not.

When you move the working SD card to the non working camera what happens?

And when the sd card that’s not working is moved into the working one what happens?

Are they both the same brand and type of SD cards? Did you format them both whilst in the camera via the app?

thanks for respond my problem, yap, you’re right, same sd card, when i insert the sd card, nothing happen, but now its solved by my self, i opened the camera cover on the back, clean it from the dust and other, and its worked, thanks

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One of my friends outdoor cameras micro sd card has stopped showing all of a sudden any idea what to do

Try to format it.

Try the card in a different device to see if it works.

Try a different SD card.

What is the make / model / class of the SD card and the age of it?

Could any of the inclement winter weather caused it?

Can’t format card it’s not showing will try and replace it and try to see if that works it’s a new out door camera and new card

That sounds like either the card is faulty or the port on the camera is faulty. Or both.

Of course you have installed it now but it might be worth blowing some air in the sd card slot just to ensue there is no foreign object or shipping dust in the port.

Have put new card in it seams to have fixed it thanks just now waiting for time stamp to be put on download videos