Smartthings Integration

Could YI look into integrating Yi &
Kami cameras into the Samsung Smartthings ecosystem?

It would be a great edition and allow uses of both platforms to use the cameras even more smarter.


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Hi, @YorkshireUser I will share this with the team! Thanks for the suggestion. Easier access to all your devices & smarter control is always the goal!

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How about publishing an open API? Is there any kind of possibility that will happen?

Excellent question @not_james_brown ! As of right now, our API’s are b2b or b2bc, you have to enter a contract with us in order to get access to the API’s… However, the end goal is to ultimately have an open API for anyone with an account to be able to use. We are not there just yet. No firm timeline but this does align with our growth goals and will be something we eventually role out.

Any news on the open API?

Hey @jjvelar Excellent question!

Still no timeline for release of Open API. Still only offer open API’s for our b2b or b2bc partners. It is in our roadmap but not a priority at this time. Our main priority is getting the app smoothed out & and bring better alert detections with enhanced AI.