SMART CAMERA Android APP & PC Windows APP, are useless

I hope this Forum covers Yi SMART Camera.
I have Purchased a SMART Camera, which screws into a E27 Lamp Adapter and have had a Host of issues geting it instlled and Operable.
My First Need is to establish if, actually Exists, as I have sent Four (4) Emails, about my issues ( Ticket Number is 4108 ) and I have not had any Responses.
I need to speak with a Manager, to address my problems.
In all my time in Business, I have never had to deal with this type of issue.
Owen Carlton,
NW Computers.

Hello @Nasho23! Welcome to the community!

I believe you got the old support email address, try sending your concern here instead:
With regards to your Smart Cameras, the support team can help you with problems in cloud service and basic troubleshooting like the pairing process and camera settings available in the YI IoT App. Camera-specific issues such as the camera not powering on, need to be taken care of by the camera’s support team/manufacturer.

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@Nasho23 E27 lamp camera sounds like an OEM product under Yi-IoT. I don’t speak for Yitechnology but it is usual for OEM to provide support. Similarly Microsoft OEM OS is not supported by Microsoft but by the OEM or Intel OEM tray processors warranty is supported by the OEM, not Intel.

Who did you buy the camera from? Have you contacted them?

Hello Alvin,
Which are you Representing - ( Yi ) or ( Kami ), or BOTH.
IS this Answer, in Reply to my Very Extensive Email to BOTH, yesterday ( 24/06/22 )
In that Email, I made it Clear, that I had Purchased the SMART CAMERA, Through AMAZON AU, on 17/05/22. AMAZOM AU,directed me to their Seller ( JIANJIACC ), who did try to assist me, along the track. I believe that they were struggling and that the Language may have caused some misunderstandings…
IF you have finished Reading, ALL, of my Extensive Email, to Both ( Yi & Kami ), you would realise, that my Current Problem is - The Quality and Capability, of Each of the Apps ( Mobile & PC ) for this Camera.
You have NOT addressed my Current Problem, which ever Company you are working for.
Owen Carlton,
NW Computers.

That camera states the brand/manufacturer as JJCC and not Yi/Kami. You should use the Yi-IoT android app to set it up and afterwards should be able to use the Yi-IoT PC software.


Hello anyone,
Thank you for your Response.
How would a Customer know that this Camera was made by JJCC ???
I DID use these Apps for setting up, but do NOT know if Versions are Latest Versions.
I obtained the Android App from Play Store - that the Latest Version. IF it was NOT the Latest Version, I will Download from your Site.
I obtained the PC Version from a Link I received from Somewhere - I gave this Version Info, in my Extensive Email - Can you please advise me as to What is the Latest Version ???
IF, I have to Change anything, I want to use the Latest Versions.
Can you please advise.
Thank You - I am most pleased that I am finally able to speak with Persons of Knowledge of this Subject.
Owen Carlton
NW Computers.

It’s not made by JJCC, it is however what is stated on the Amazon sellers page, the name probably from Jian-Jia-CC. Seller buys from wholesale a non-descript OEM camera and sells under his own brand/name. If enough quantity is purchased customizing may be available such as printed name on the camera and packaging.

My link, it’s not my site. For Android app it’s just a link to Google Play Store so will be the same. As of 25-Jun-2022 Yi IoT Android App version 3.0.8_20220614, Jun 15, 2022 ANTS Technology (HK) Limited. The Windows Yi-IoT PC app version, Aug 24, 2021.

I did not really read the whole thread, just try to help. I have installed many smart cams (about 40, some from China directly, mostly from Walmart), maybe we together can help you solve the problems.

  1. post a pic of the smart cam, it may help, (I have seen a few brands)

  2. You mentioned “Host of issues…instlled and Operable”, what exactly is the problems? maybe list out the problems, some of us may have come across

  3. They usually, not guarantee, has a reset pin hole, usually next to the microSD card slot, I would try to reset the cam, see whether it helps.

  4. Finally, there is “yiiot” and “yilot”, Note: spelling are different, maybe searching and try different version helps. Again, I did not see the problems listed, so, not much help.

  5. If it is pairing problem, just a guess, I would skip the E27 lamp adapter (another variable), plug directly into a source, and pair/install/cell phone, camera all close to the router, like touching distance. Once successful, then install into your final destination w the E27 lamp adapter. Of my 6 installed smart cams, 4 using the E27 gooseneck light bulb extension adapter. All 4 adapter worked fine. My current working cams, 4 in Jacksonville Fl, and 2 in Williston ND. I have tried many different ones, many, before settled down on these. Been running 6+ month, no problems.

  6. I came across these on some brands. If you have accidentally installed, without realize, then even reset the cam would NOT allow for 2nd install/pairing, You have to delete the installed cam on your cellphone before you can proceed w installation. On cellphone, log into your account, and delete the smart cam, then try reinstall again.

  7. I sincerely apologize if you already try all of the above.