Six second clips no longer working

Has anyone else had the problem (or a solution) of the six second clip not working upon motion detection? The alert still works but when you click on it to view the clip, a message comes up unable to load. There is now a generic picture instead of a screenshot of when the motion was detected in the alerts section of the app.

This is on an iOS (iPhone 11) platform and funny enough the app was updated yesterday and this problem has now occurred.

Thanks in advance for any help


I am experiencing similar issues to yourself in regards to the generic picture on the alert.

I can however view the alert within un the main alerts screen or the individual camera alerts screen.

However what is also not working is when I go into the alerts screen via the individual camera I can view the six seconds but when I click on complete clip option nothing happens.

I use the free cloud and SD storage options.

Tagging @Steven_Kami for awareness.

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Thanks for your post! I seem to have got round the initial problem by changing my phone setting to mobile data rather than Wi-Fi. Obviously this is not ideal as it will eat away at my data, but I am able to now view the six second clip when I select the alert banner on my phone screen.

I have two cameras set up at my fathers house for security purposes and it’s imperative that I quickly view upon alert. Like yourself, I don’t have the cloud option.

However, I occasionally get the same problem as you where it says unable to view clip. I hope YI support answers our questions.

Thanks for your reply and good luck!

That’s very strange that your wifi would cause such an issue. I guess you could give your modem/router a restart to see if that clears any issues.

I usually always use my mobile data with my iPhone. But I have just used my fibre internet and that is giving no difference to what I mentioned earlier.

I think the playing of complete clip I have had on iOS (android works fine for me) is an issue I’ve had for a while.

@YorkshireUser @thereisonly1jp Just wanted you both to know I have seen this. YorkshireUser thanks for looping me in.

Let me inquire with the technical team and get back to you all on this one.

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@YorkshireUser @thereisonly1jp update your apps and this will be resolved. Many thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Steven_Kami. No update showing yet in App Store for me but will check tomorrow.

Thanks for the heads up, Yorkshire. I’ll follow up in a bit.

@thereisonly1jp Where are you located, sir?