Shared camera, person cant see cloud footage

I shared the 2 cameras with my sister to view. One of the cameras she’s able to view the cloud footage, alerts and everything. But for other camera, all she’s able to see is alert/live feed and not the cloud footage. there’s not even a button/option on the bottom to view cloud. I have tried deleting that camera off her account and sharing again and still no cloud on it.

Please help

Hey @kathleen That sounds frustrating! I am sorry to hear your sister can’t view cloud recordings for one of your cameras while being able to view the other.

What type of cloud plan do you have? Is it multiple cameras? Or just one camera?

If multiple cameras, please open your app, select “Account” from the bottom selection menu, then select “Manage”. Make sure that all cameras are added to your account.

Also, please try logging into your cloud account via the web at Make sure that all your cameras are added and sync here.

At lastly, have your sister remove the app from her phone, reinstall and log in with her credentials.

Let us know how it goes! Many thanks for yours and your sisters patience.