Set away mode with Google Home

Hi guys,

I’ve got two YI Dome Cameras 1080p and I love the away mode.
I would like to integrate it inside my Google Home mini, telling it to enable/disable the away mode, is it possible?
Someone could help me?
Thanks in advance.


No one could help about it? :disappointed_relieved:

Hello. I don’t think it is possible to do this. I don’t think Google Home can be used to change the status of the mode.

However to get it rubber stamped I’m tagging @Steven_Kami to see if my understanding is correct or otherwise.

I am not sure if there is a scheduler within Yi that you could use to schedule the modes that could be used. I guess even if there was that for your needs would not be as useful.

Hey @towerman this is correct. We don’t have this function with Google home. You must disable home/away mode from within the app.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks @Steven_Kami, now I know that it’s not possible outside the app :disappointed_relieved:

I am hoping for some sort of smart home integration in the future or at least the ability to schedule home and away mode within the app if not. I would like the ability for alexa to use this as a motion sensor so that when motion is detected my echo show will display the camera and make an announcement.