SD card to Pc transfer

I have no smartphone.
I have no cloud account.
I have 02 Yi outdoor cameras 1080P
I have the Pc app
How do I transfer a video clip from the cameras SD card to my Pc?



Hey there @sillsmack thanks for joining the forum. Does your computer have an SD card port? If it does you could eject the MicroSD card from the camera, then pop it into an adapter and insert it into your computer and save the files.

That’s what I have been doing so far,
I intend to mount these under the eaves of my 3 story house.
Can you imagine, removing those itsy bitsy teeny weeny screws & wrestle the port cover off while balancing on top of a ladder?
BTW I’m 70 and I HATE ladders. I have lost count of how many I have fallen off of over the years.
It seems to me it a Pc should be able to find the camera on my network & access the SD drive. I hope I won’t need to return these & find cameras which will.


Hi Mack, ok that is not going to be a good solution. Is it possible to buy a tablet? That way you can view the SD card clips directly from the app, and you will be notified of any movement in the area. Unfortunately you cannot download the clips from the PC app.
Please be careful on those ladders!

Thanks Mark.

I found an app which allows me to record my Pc screen.
Stills or Videos. Problem solved.
Question 2
Is there a way to ZOOM the camera from the Pc app?
I have punched every combination of keys I can think of = NO GO.



Hey Mack. That is a great solution. I actually have some software that I use for that purpose called OBS but I never thought to use it like that.

Unfortunately there isn’t an option to zoom in from the desktop app.