SD card recordings erased?

Is everything that is recorded on a camera SD card available through the app? I have a 32 GB card and can’t move past ~44 hours into the past. Is that the app, or the card/camera erasing old info to put in new? Thanks!

Hello @Yoh welcome to the forum!
The footage on your SD card records in a loop, with the newest footage overwriting the oldest.
Your 32G SD card should be able to record about 4 days of continuous video according to this data.

4GB: 11~13 hours, Around 1/2 day
8GB: 22~26 hours, Around 1 day
16GB: 44~52 hours, Around 2 days
32GB: 88~104 hours, Around 4 days

I’ll ask the team if there’s a reason you’re only seeing 44 hours. But please double check that it is indeed a 32 GB card.


Great information @Kami_Mark.


So what happens if I put a 64 GB card in my YI Outdoor 1080p? I just ordered four of these cameras and am trying to maximize recording time. 64 GB just flat won’t work, or the recording is unstable, or … ?

Hi Glenn, thanks for joining the forum. Four outdoor cameras! Nice :sunglasses:

Are you having trouble playing back footage from the card? If you are please format the card and try again.

To format the card, click on a camera so you a taken to the live view, then click on ‘Settings’ in the bottom right corner.

Then scroll down to ‘Storage’ and click on ‘MicroSD Card’.

Next click on ‘Format Storage Card’.

When promoted with the warning, “All video in the MicroSD card will be deleted after formatting, continue?”, click OK.

Wait until the camera resets, then go to the home screen and swipe down to refresh.

Now go back into settings and you should see your MicroSD Card showing ‘In good condition’ and the camera should now record to the SD card.

Here is some info that might help.

Also, if you’re having trouble finding the SD card recordings, here is a quick walk-through

Please let me know if that helps, or if you are still having trouble with SD card playback.