SD Card Recording "Activity Only" no longer working after firmware update

Hi, I updated to 202212141337 on my Yi Home Camera and now SD Card Recording with “Activity Only” is no longer working, is there any fix for that or how do I roll back firmware to the version that this function still working?

Apologies for any difficulties you experienced. We’d be happy to take a look into this for you, please contact us at
Thank you.

I’m facing the same issue and the Kami Support does not seem to work on solving this huge problem. They don’t offer any firmware downgrade option, they delay on giving answers, my cameras is going to be useless.

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I contacted support, they do took almost a month back and forth with few replies. I was asking if they could help me with firmware downgrade so that the feature will work again, but they end up sent me a replacement camera. The new camera came with firmware ( and it does say there is new firmware update once I set it up, but I properly won’t try to update again as the recording on SD card (Activity Only) is working.

Как вы связались с поддержкой?
Мне они только присылают инструкцию сброса камеры и настройки приложения,не смотря на то что я много раз им писал о том что проблемы начались после обновления прошивки камеры
Они издеваются делая вид ,что не понимают

I tried using the “chat with support” option at and basically the chat bot just saying “we are experiencing an extremely high volume at this time. A technical support rep will be sending an email to you.” That was on Dec 19 and I received a reply back from support after a few hours, but it was just saying they are aware of this issue and are working on updates. After a week later,I received another email from support for follow up, as a day before there was another firmware update ( but this firmware didn’t solve the problem, so I replied back that I still have same issue, then on Jan 16 another support finally replied back and ask me for my contact info as they will just replace the camera for me.
Then waiting for another few more days, I received shipping confirmation from support and the replacement camera was shipped by Amazon.

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Спасибо за ответ,хорошего вам дня