SD card insertion

Hi All

I did a prior search on ‘sd’ & ‘sd card’ but nothing came up , so My 1st post :slight_smile:

A) I can only hear the ‘click’ when I insert the sd card like this :

B) but if I try to do it like this , I am afraid I will break it

If it’s case A ( and I hear the ‘click’), then I have never seen a sd card with it’s connectors hanging outside
If it’s case B( with the connectors inside) , then I have a issue as I an not able to make it give me the nice & familiar ‘click’

it’s just the normal run-of-the-mill micro SD card:

so is it case A or case B ?

Thx. for any input.

Got it Guyz.
…maybe if there was ever a you tube video showing the insertion for noobs… :slight_smile:
Thanks all

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Hey! Thats a good idea @Radaway. We won’t call it “SD card insertion for Noobs” (although it is an excellent title)

All feedback is greatly appreciated and if there is any where we can improve to make our customer experience better, we are all for it :slight_smile:


Hi Steve
Thx, for getting back here.
Your customer base may be pretty huge & not just pertaining to young turks between 20 & 35’s , born in the 90’s and know about it all sd, raid, tcp, python , web services(soap) ,and the wholeshebang.
For example, I am 52 …and at times I find it a slight challenge , specially if I am not doing this 5 days a week of my Life -all 52 weeks.
so a helpful video for ‘noobs’( yeah term is not good) …lets say people who do other things pretty efficiently in life and look after kids and look after parents etc etc …could be a little help to put these kind of videos . I mean videos like these do exist [] .
so a simple stepwise out-of-box open & install video wont do anyone any harm.
But if the cameras are only targeted for the Tech - savy Gen, I rest my case :wink:
My 2 cents

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We appreciate you and your feedback :slight_smile:

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Just paused here to say this.
Steven, I assume you are somewhat related to making these cameras.?
The product is Great , the software is helpful and I would be waiting patiently when the same chargable(weatherproof) cameras come out in the ‘MP’ formats/variants.
Keep up the Good work please. :pray: :+1:

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