SD card fell inside camera

The slot for the SD card isn’t obvious which way to insert the SD card. I put it where I thought it looked like it went and it fell right through into the camera. It’s an outdoor camera. It rattles around if I shake the camera but doesn’t show itself in the slot. Is there a way to take the camera apart so I can retrieve the SDcard?

Oh no, I’m glad that you took the time to bring this is to us. Just for future reference here is a photo where is the correct SD card slot is located check the included photo.
Unfortunately, we can’t open the camera since it will void the warranty. What you can do is get a new SD card and have the camera up and running. Don’t worry the SD card inside it will not cause a short circuit.1111

Not quite sure how you managed to put the card into the camera. If the card isnt facing the correct way it simply wont push in.

I’m not sure I’d try another card as its possible the port is damaged

Hey Brian, did you use the same slot showing on the photo provided? You need to unscrew the cup to see the SD card slot.

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Hello. Yes. I have installed 27 of these cameras.i have one that died so when I got bored I took it apart completly so you could say I’m quite familiar with them. I just cant figure how one could lose the card inside the camera unless something is off or out of place. The port and the housing are a tight fit on one side and the reset button is the other side of the opening so it’s not like there is alot of room to lose the card in there

Hey Brian! let us check for replacement option. Let me send you a direct message.

Yeah I had the same problem I put one card in and it didn’t work so I went to take it out and couldn’t see it . I put another one in and it went straight inside I can hear them rattling around lol.

Perhaps my camera is a different model but the situation is the same.

I also lost my SD card inside the slot as the slot is too wide and it wasn’t clear which part of the slot it had to go into.

I tried the centre the first time and it worked but I had to take it out. When I went to put it back in a second time it didn’t click or settle in place. So I moved it along a tad and tried putting the card in. That was when it fell inside (see picture #1 for SD slot).

I’ve looked for screw holes and although I see three holes, there only appears to be one visible screw head (see picture #2).

Can someone please advise what we should do.



I forgot to mention how I came to lose the SD card.

The slot is fairly large but not large enough to plug in a normal SD card so I used a mini SD. At first it fitted but then I remembered I had to format it before it could be used so I took it out. After formatting, I tried to put the card back into the slot. THAT is when I lost the card inside the camera.

The same happend with my camera ,so frustrating ,it’s obviously a malfunction

Glad I’m not the only one!

I thought it was just my cackhanded self :joy:

It’s literally just happened to me, exactly as you’ve described.

It’s definitely rattling around inside there.

I don’t have another memory card to try again and I’m a bit scared too for didn’t someone lose 2 of the buggers in there? :worried:

So am I just now left with a useless camera?