Schedule Home/Away modes


I know you can schedule alerts but you can’t really be sure if it’s active or not while you’re away.

It would be great to be able to schedule Home/Away modes so you could just launch app and check what mode is actually activated when in doubt.


I never change modes
I’ve never selected one or the other and get alerts at home and away.

I wish I had a better answer, but mine just works in either situation :man_shrugging:t2:

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Thanks for your answer Swiftrun,

I had a try with scheduling alert and it did work but you just can’t easily check if it’s on or off.

And it seems like using Home/Away switches alerts Off.

I would definitely prefer to be able to schedule Home/Away and check status when opening app.

Hey @Pjgfi Thanks for the awesome feedback! We can schedule camera ON/OFF through the app but currently do not have scheduling for home/away mode. Thats a great suggestions that I will share with our team to add to our roadmap. We are currently working on Home/Away mode. Rolling out some new services early Q2 next year that are going to take your home security experience to a whole new level :slight_smile: Stick around! I think you’ll really enjoy what we have planned.

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Any news about this feature?
We’re mid Q2 and I’ve not seen any new feature yet…

Hey @Pjgfi Thanks for checking in! No update just yet. Apologies for no good news but keep stick around and keep checking in.

Nearly one year has passed and no news…
What can I expect?

Hi! After two years, what are the news?