Schedule Home/Away modes


I know you can schedule alerts but you can’t really be sure if it’s active or not while you’re away.

It would be great to be able to schedule Home/Away modes so you could just launch app and check what mode is actually activated when in doubt.


I never change modes
I’ve never selected one or the other and get alerts at home and away.

I wish I had a better answer, but mine just works in either situation :man_shrugging:t2:

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Thanks for your answer Swiftrun,

I had a try with scheduling alert and it did work but you just can’t easily check if it’s on or off.

And it seems like using Home/Away switches alerts Off.

I would definitely prefer to be able to schedule Home/Away and check status when opening app.

Hey @Pjgfi Thanks for the awesome feedback! We can schedule camera ON/OFF through the app but currently do not have scheduling for home/away mode. Thats a great suggestions that I will share with our team to add to our roadmap. We are currently working on Home/Away mode. Rolling out some new services early Q2 next year that are going to take your home security experience to a whole new level :slight_smile: Stick around! I think you’ll really enjoy what we have planned.

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Any news about this feature?
We’re mid Q2 and I’ve not seen any new feature yet…

Hey @Pjgfi Thanks for checking in! No update just yet. Apologies for no good news but keep stick around and keep checking in.