Return Kami wireless camera - what is the process?

Hi I would like to return the cameras from my order, I have emailed with details. I have two issues with it, issue one - one of the metal brackets is faulty so I am not able to fit one of the camera onto a wall and I am not whether i can get a replacement?, 2nd - I didn’t realise it doesn’t offer [24/7] recording and only offers alerts which doesn’t really help if you want to rewind back/forward and look at things, any resolution for that?. Plus the battery life haven’t been great either, again I don’t know whether anything can be done?, Can you please advise me on what I need to do to return them please?

Xavier Thomas

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your message! If you have sent an email to you’ll hear from us soon.
1- Sorry to hear that one of the brackets is faulty, that piece is normally quite resistant could you send us a picture to send the the right department?

2- The camera does offer 24/7 recording if you use an SD card within the right settings (CCTV) for example. Also it is possible with extended cloud subscription, bu it doesn’t with the basic free cloud storage of 6" kept in cloud for 7 days

3- The batteries are the strong part of this camera, we always suggest to ensure their charge completely before use. this may vary depending on how many triggers the camera capture


Thanks for getting back to me. Please see below for replies

  1. its the metal bit which goes on the wall, I cant rotate the camera to tighten it because one of the bit is slightly misaligned.

  2. i paid for subscription and got an SD card but it doesn’t let me record 24/7 plus when you sign up for subscription it says this specifically when you go to choose the CVR method - “1.Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Cameras do not support CVR (Continuous Video Recording). In case of alert 30-second clips will be recorded.”
    So my understanding is as its Kami wireless is battery powered it doesn’t let you do 24/7 recording and I wish that was’t the case.

  3. That’s fine.

I would like to return the cameras, what do i need to do for that?