Reset YI Outdoor Camera - Model YHS.3017

I’ve looked at previous postings, but I don’t see a reset button on this camera.

Hello. Previous advice is

To delete the camera from your YI Account do the following:

1 - Launch the YI Home App.

2 - At the welcome page, tap on the name of the YI Camera you want to delete.

3 - Tap on “Settings”. (It may be found at the lower right part of the screen for IOS users and the upper right part of the screen for Android users.)

4 - At the bottom part of the “Settings” page, you’ll find the option to delete the camera.

Once the camera has been deleted from your YI Account, please use a pin or paperclip to reset the camera. Push gently until the yellow light is on and you hear “reset is successful”.

To pair your camera, do the following:

1 - Plugin and install the camera right next to the router during setup. Once set up, move to your desired location.

2 - Launch the YI Home App.

3 - Reset the camera with a paper clip (in reset hole) and wait for it to boot. Listen for “Waiting to connect”.

4 - Tap on the ‘+’ sign and select the specific name of the YI Camera you’re pairing from the list.

5 - Follow the voice prompt/instructions on the App and enter your correct Wi-Fi password (case sensitive).

6 - A QR code will be generated on your mobile phone. Face the QR code generated on your mobile phone towards the camera’s lens.

7 - A solid blue LED will now be lit on your YI Camera indicating that the pairing was successful.

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I already looked at that response, but camera is no longer connected to original router/network. I do not see a reset button.

It might be just a small hole the size of a pin prick

This is all I see.


Dot on upper left does not move.

Can you take a photo of the full camera. Is there nothing that looks like a pin hole?

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The button that does not move. Try using a pointer to press that down

Hey @ggazzia it seems you have our wired outdoor camera. Is this correct?

There should be a small button a long the side on the black material. Give this article a read:

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It does not have that reset button

On the back it says: YI Outdoor Camera 1080p - Model: YHS.3017

Is the little hole on the left can you slide anything into it to see if there is a button that can be depressed ?

Hey @ggazzia Were you able to get your outdoor cam reset?

I have this same exact problem with this camera. There is no reset button inside the MicroSD card slot like some photos I’ve seen. I have the same fixed imprint shown by the photo of this user, but as he noted, it’s fixed filled plastic. I pushed hard on it for at least 15 seconds with a safety pin. Nothing. I even peeled off the QR sticker on back to see if it was hiding under there. No luck! I need to reset it because it lost connection with my app. Please advise.