remove micro sd card

hi all I recently bought the yi 1080 home camera and would like to know how to remove the micro sd card. my camera does not have the grasp and pull lid off model, the back has 4 tiny screws, do i have to remove the back screws just to access the card? is there any other way to access the media on the card without removing it? i plugged the usb end cord into my laptop and it did not pick it up. i really just need to be able to view the media on the micro sd card thanks!

Hey @kopiq Thanks for coming to the community! You’re in the right place.

I am a little confused. So, I want to clarify a couple things.

Did you put an SD card in the camera after you purchased it?

Our cameras do not come with an SD card. Most models come with an SD card slot so you can put one in. But they do not come with one.

Hi, It was stuck in there I had to use a tiny flathead to push and it released out, seems to be ok now. But now new problem my Motion dectection is not working at all even if I wave my hand in front or just walk in front of it nothing. Only a week old camera and updated firmware, all mitiin setting are on.

I even did a reset and new install

Hey @kopiq thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear you’re now having motion detection issues.

Please know, there is a cool down period for those who do not subscribe to our cloud. The cool down period length depends on the sensitivity level you set. Low, medium, or high.

Is there any motion detection at all? or none whatsoever?

I surprising got about 7 motion dection today after nothing for close to a week. I thought mabey its working again but after I waved my hand in front of it and walked in front of its 2 feet away I got nothing. I can wave my hand in front and get nothing

Hey @kopiq thanks for the feedback. It seems up and down. What’s the status now?

I see the new updated user face this morning on the app. I got a false positive a couple mins ago but when I wave my hand in front nothing

There could be a cool down period after the false positive. How long did you wait before waving your hand?

If I need to, how do I remove the sd card? I have the YI 1080, indoor with the card slot on the side; Model YYS.2016.

Hey there @Mikeathome Just simple push the SD card in a little and this will pop the SD card back out. There is no ejection button for the SD card in app