Recurring continuous recording to cloud and SD card

I currently have 9 Yi cameras in use in two locations. Most work very well, great at capturing surprising events! All cameras are subscribed to the cloud and all have SD cards installed for back up. All cameras up to date, all cards in good working order. Most cameras are Yi Home 3, some older dome cameras.
Infrequently, I find that when I have turned a camera on (after leaving a location, per se), the camera starts recording continuously. I mean it burns data non-stop until I catch it. The only way I can stop it, short of resetting the camera, is to reformat the sd card via the android app! I had to try this out of desperation as I was no longer at this site (or town) and accidently discovered it would stop the recording. I cannot make this event happen repeatedly, but most often occurs when starting back up a camera after being off for a day or more.

  1. anyone else see this ?
  2. Anyone know how to prevent it?
    I hate to reformat the card as it kills all previous recordings. I also hate to kill the prior events recorded as the card sometimes has things the cloud does not ???
    Thanks in advance, any feedback appreciated.

There are two options for SD Card Recording Mode that is Record Detected Activity (Only records while activity is detected) and Record Continuous Video (Records Video 24/7).

To select the SD Card Recording Mode, please follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the YI/Kami Home App.
  2. From the Welcome page, tap the thumbnail of the camera you want to change the settings of.
  3. Tap on Settings.
  4. Tap on SD Card Recording Mode.

For any further assistance needed, please reach out to us on the email listed below so our customer support can help you out:

Same problem here…

Why not put in a 128gb card and let it record 24/7? It still highlights activity and will record probably 2 weeks of video before it starts over-writing itself. I don’t use the cloud at all and rely on 128gb storage cards in all of mine. Cards are cheap on amazon.

As for other issues, the only time I see my settings change is when I update the firmware. Often times the motion detection settings change for no apparent reason. Doesn’t bother me too much though as I don’t expect a lot from a $20 camera. Good luck.

Because that will burn up data that is not necessary. Thanks for the thought.

The camera is not set to record continuously. My question was not “how to record continuously”, but thanks for the comment.

Burn up data? The card over-writes itself every couple of weeks. What data is being burned up that matters?

Cloud data is utilized as mentioned in my original post. If you are reviewing cloud clips, data is used. If you are on an unlimited data plan, no problem. Not all of us are. If you are reviewing cloud or sd card clips via cell phone, data is used there as well. If you remove the sd card and install on a desktop, no data utilized.

If you have an SD card, you don’t need the cloud at all. It is all stored on the card and is accessed as if you had the cloud.

Are you saying that your home/work internet service is not unlimited? If that is the case then I understand, however I thought all plans were not unlimited. Sorry if I misunderstood.