Record Duration Option Missing?

I’m trying to get my “Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera 2” cameras to record for longer than 6s, however the option doesn’t seem to be there in settings on either the Kami or Yi apps.

I have a doorbell camera will allow an adjustment up to 60s, but it’s not there for the other models. I have an active cloud subscription, and all the cameras are added to it.

This doesn’t seem right. We want to take a closer look at this for you. Please send a note to so we can connect.

I contacted support twice through chat & email with almost the same wording I used here, and they weren’t exactly helpful. One rep seemed to think I was trying to get recordings longer than 60 seconds, and then stopped replying after I explained the issue in more detail. The other just linked me to the FAQ of how to change the recording duration; and when I told them that option didn’t exist and supplied a screenshot, they also stopped replying. It wasn’t a good first impression with tech support to say the least. Let me know if you want the support ticket numbers for either of those interactions.

However, I then called tech support, and the person I spoke to there, Jhon, was incredibly helpful! He did a ton of research on the issue, and found out that the firmware my cameras have wasn’t fully compatible with the Kami or Yi apps. They’ll record, but for whatever reason don’t support recordings longer than the 6 seconds. It’s a shame that there is an incompatibility, but Jhon was fantastic and worked as hard as he could to get this problem fixed.