Recent update 6.2.5 October 2023

Since the software has updated to 6.2.5 the camera still picture on the Welcome page no longer refreshes to the latest image that has been viewed on the camera. Mine is still showing the same ‘night image’ from before the update.

Is this the case for anyone else? Thinking this is an fault on the update.

Hi, we’re sorry to hear about this issue and we would love to take a look at it. Please reach out to our customer support team at


I think I’ve said this before but your reply doesn’t make sense really. I’ve posted the details of the problem so that you can take a look at it. Please be my guest and have a look at it and I’ll reply if you need more information.

The link you’ve posted takes me to a page with a ‘Chat Bot’ - no help, displays articles on Self Installation and also there’s link to the Community Forum pages - which is where I’ve posted the problem in the first place.

Another (android) update today. Was hopeful that it would include the fix … but no.

If the app refreshed the main picture before an update was installed and now it no longer does that, is it not reasonable to think that the update was at fault?

Sarah is a bot that replies the same thing over and over on anything that is posted here. I don’t even think this forum is monitored and it seems like the company is being liquidated.

Someone is creating and releasing updates for the app though.

Someone must be working on that?

Simmychick … Sarah Kami is a Chinese bot that just responds the same to every post on this forum… No-one picks up the phone at YI either, I would not be surprised if there is just a park of robots at the YI office and no humans left.

When you email the support you will only get chatgpt messages back with them asking you to sign up for a subscription