Really only 6 seconds

It is kind of silly when it aren’t able to automatically start to record and than records the whole insedent while there is movement or sounds…is it really only 6 seconds clips or ALL THE TIME :expressionless::point_left:

Yes on the free offering which comes with your product. Most products allow you to use an SD card or you can subscribe to premium cloud.

The question I would ask is why the 6 seconds only when the entire record is on my sd card and that’s where the software should point from the moment I click on the alert image. There is absolutely no need for ANY of my camera activity to be sent to the cloud.

The six second alert is cloud based. That is how these cameras are designed. If not, how do you propose to be notified of motion events etc?

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My SD cards continuously record and alerts highlight in blue. There is a software feature that jumps the recorded view to the next alert found after a few seconds BUT the view of the whole time is there, which tells me that they DO get direct feed from the camera BUT the software puts me through hoops to urge me to use the cloud when it should have a setting to use the SD card ONLY.

We understand any frustartions however, we are a software company that has hardware partners. You can still use your SD card exactly how you have before. It shouldn’t be surprising that we want you to sign up for our cloud services. You get longer storage lengths, take advantage of all of our AI enhanced detections, and your data is stored in the same region you are located with bank-level encryptions. You trust your bank with all your data (for the most part)? We use the same level of encryption for all video data. SD card is great and we’re glad that our customers have this option but we feel using an SD card is less secure than storing your video footage in the cloud. You have full control of your data with Kami Cloud.

To be clear: for each alert, for each camera, you can understand that it is a big cost for the company’s servers and it is only fair that it should be paid for by us, the users! As well as advanced image analysis that cannot be done by the small processor inside the camera. Obviously the servers will need to be able to see and store the images for processing. In the latter case, it will never be possible to implement end-to-end encryption. In a perfectly identical way to how banks do it, we can only … trust them.

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Only in the case where a server works only as a relay can end-to-end encryption be implemented, such as WhatsApp or Signal app. I am sure they will inform us about the next developments.

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Appreciate your contribution @Lawrence123456 And with all your help, we will continue to make improvements to make the most useful app experience possible! :slight_smile: