Question on Kami Cloud (EU) - Where is data located?

It’s stated that all cloud data is stored within the EU, however, looking at the traffic from my Dome Pro, in order for the cloud upload / viewing to work, the camera needs to have access to the following ranges

For example i can see that my camera is connected as below ( being its local ip).

If i block these addresses (or subnets) on the router, then cloud no longer functions - no upload, no download.

These subnets do not appear to be either registered in, or located within the EU.

Can someone clarify this please?

For Cloud storage

If you are based in Europe, YI have server locations in Frankfurt, Germany EU and England, UK.

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Interesting then that the camera only seems to be speaking to hosts clearly not in Europe. Is data perhaps pulled from and pushed to EU servers via non EU servers? Would be a strange way of doing things that’s for sure… But it’s definitely speaking to servers way out of the EU…

But you didn’t originally ask that. You asked where the data is stored in relation to the cloud.

Like all IP cameras there will be some processing completed via the internet and integrity, alerts and detection (I.e is this a motion that requires an alert). That will be done on Yi infrastructure.

The servers you gave are USA and Singapore based.

What you could do if you are not too fussed about motion alerts and cloud is try to use the camera off the internet and record onto SD card only. I’ve heard that works for some and not for others. It’s worked for me in the past.