Production problem??

Hi Fam’s

I wanted to ask if we who use YI’s products on a daily basis are going to have a hard time getting/buying the products? Seen that the problems are worldwide with the transportation of products.

And also that the government of China has decide that the suppliers most supply less weekly.

Will this effect us YI fam’s?

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Excellent question @3Dview ! Luckily, we have a number of hardware manufacturers to help spread out the load but we have had similar supply chain issues as others. It hasn’t had a big impact yet because we’ve done lots of planning and prep but there’s a chip shortage, supply shortages in general to deal with so it has been a long year and we are looking forward to heading back to some form of normalcy :slight_smile:

Thnx Steven. Glad that it hasn’t big impact.

YI all day!


3D view

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