Prevent microphone from switching off and bad white noise audio interference

I have two “WiFi IP Camera, Goowls 1080P 2 Packs Baby Monitor PTZ 360° View Home Security Camera Motion Detection IP Camera Indoor for Elder/Nanny/Pet, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Compatible with Alexa” cameras which I use as baby monitors and have the following questions:

  1. When watching the live stream feed from the camera on my mobile device, is there any way to prevent the camera microphone from switching off after approx 5 minutes?
  2. There is a constant ‘crackle’ of white noise when watching the live feed. This is the same on both camera I have. Is there anything I can do to stop this?

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

Hey @sroberts100 Thanks for coming to the forum for more info on using you Yi IoT app.

  1. Not currently. I am working with our product team to see what we can for this specific to our baby monitor cameras and keeping the sound on. When I know more I will update the forum.

  2. From my understanding from those who’ve previously experienced this issue, this is related to a hardware issue not a software. I would recommend contacting Goowls directly to see if A) they have any suggests based on their camera specs or B) potentially replace the cameras if not resolved.

    If there is anything else I can answer, please let me know! Hope you’re having a good day.

Thanks for your response @Steven_Kami - keep pushing that product team please.

However, I now have a new problem since the last app update which makes the camera useless as a baby monitor. Each time the audio switches off, the app seems to think that the wifi connection is lost. This is definitely not the case as other apps are fine and I still have full signal in the signal indicated.

If I quit out of the app completely, and then restart it, it is fine again, so it is definitely a problem with the app and not the wifi connection.

Please can this be fixed immediately?


that is a strange one. Are you on iOS? I am going to have our team try to recreate this issue so we can find the best troubleshooting solution. Any other information you can provide, screenshots, etc. would be most appreciated.

thanks for the awesome information.

@Steven_Kami not sure if these screen grabs help much, but…

They hopefully demonstrate the device working fine, streaming at 37KB/S, then the audio drops out (known frustrating problem!), and the stream drops immediately to 0KB/S. Tapping the image switches the screen to show the speaker crossed out and then the warning message about “poor network connection” pops up, then disappears again after a couple of seconds. Tapping on the speaker icon does nothing and camera will not reconnect to network. (Image is also frozen.)
The only way to reconnect is to come out of the app, shut it down completely and reopen it again. The camera then reconnects with audio immediately and remains working again until audio is lost again.
It doesn’t seem to happen every single time, but at least 95%.
Makes app and device useless. Neither the camera nor wifi router have been moved since things were working okay.
Same problem on both iPad Air 2 and iPhone 12 Mini, both running iOS 14.7.1 and YI IoT version
Please help urgently!

Hey @sroberts100 Can you confirm what version of the app you are using? We just released a new version that allows the micro phone to be in a saved state on or off.

Hi @Steven_Kami
Thanks for the info about the update. I have just updated the app on both my iPhone and iPad, so am now running the latest version [see image attached] on both, but the speaker still switches off after a few minutes.
I have searched for a button in the settings that might keep the speaker on, but cannot see it anywhere. Can you advise please?

Hey @sroberts100 what cameras are you using? Are you able to use the Yi Home or Kami Home app?

@Steven_Kami the cameras are WiFi IP Camera, Goowls 1080P 2 Packs Baby Monitor PTZ 360° View Home Security Camera Motion Detection IP Camera

I have not tried either of the two apps you mentioned as the camera instructions say to use the Yi IoT app, but I can give them a go. Which is the app that you said had a new release with the microphone permanently on/off switch please?


Hey @sroberts100 Goowls is a camera manufacture that is compabitable with our Yi IoT app. if you are using Kami or Yi cameras, you can use either our Yi Home or Kami Home apps. Both now have a “saved state” for microphone use. Something our community has really been looking for.

@Steven_Kami well, as described above, I am using Goowls so use the YiIoT app. Is there any plan to improve the “saved state” for microphone on the Yi IoT app as well, so that that is more useful?

Hey @sroberts100 At this point in time, this is lower on our priority list. We do have future plans to improve YIoT app to be more consistent with the current versions of Yi & Kami Home Apps. I do not have firm details on when this will happen, unfortunately.

How frustrating! So, are you saying that I have bought cameras which use an app produced by you guys, but that does not function correctly and with no immediate plans to fix it?!

Are you also saying that the Yi and Kami Home apps are not compatible with the Goowls cameras, or is it still worth a try?

Hey @sroberts100 The app does work correctly. The saved state for mute is a brand new change. We are not Goowls. A number of different cameras work with the Yi IoT app. And, Yi or Kami App is for Yi and Kami Cameras only. The team I work with only manages the Yi Home and Kami Home app at this time.

I’d be more than happy to work with you to get you set up with Yi or Kami cameras if you are interested.

Thanks for your response @Steven_Kami , however, I would not say the app works correctly because the majority of times that the camera mic switches off, the app loses connection with the camera, as described previously in this thread. It also seems to have developed another error whereby it sometimes displays a black screen with a refresh icon and a message stating something about an upload error. I shall try to save a screen grab and upload the error message next time it occurs.
I very much appreciate the time you are taking to respond to each of my messages, but even now after some 3 weeks of corresponding, I am no further forward, so hopefully you can appreciate my frustration.

@Steven_Kami as promised, please see attached a screengrab showing another error message that I also receive frequently.

When I receive this message, I am required to shutdown the app, quit out completely and then reopen it to enable the app to work again.

Please help!

Hey @sroberts100 Your frustrations are warranted. I fully appreciate and understand the sense of urgency and do apologize for any inconvenience you have incurred. Let me send you a direct message to see what we can do to help get you on track.