Please enable users to view recordings on Mac!

Dear Kkami,

I am using your great cameras for business, I currently have around 40 of them. Great product! However, in order to view recordings I need to either use my iPhone or Windows computer. There’s currently no option to view recordings using Mac (MacBook, iMac etc) computer. It’s very, very annoying, because viewing recordings on smartphone is extremely tricky: no option to fast forward, the whole thing collapses if you receive a call, the screen is very small etc.

Could you please release an update you your Mac app so that there will be function to view recordings using MacBook? That would be an amazing improvement.



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We’re really sorry about this. Please continue using the mobile and windows app as we are constantly working on new software features to enhance your experience that will be helpful for the majority of our customers. Although we don’t know yet when the application will have the playback feature updated on MAC OS, please check our social media and forum pages for updates.

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