Playback speed button

Hi. I noticed on a demo video on YouTube that there is a playback speed button when watching a video recorded onto sd card.

There is no button on my android app! The app is up to date. If I move the timeline it just jumps to the spot. I need to review the recordings as a continuous feed. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi John, thanks for joining the YI/Kami forum :wave:

Good spotting of the playback speed button! Some cameras allow you to select a playback speed and others do not. So if you don’t see that option it means that your camera doesn’t support adjustable playback speed. What camera do you have by the way?

The answer to your second query (short clips in the timeline vs a continuous footage) is also dependent on your camera model. Battery cameras such as the Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera do not have the option to continuously record to the SD card because the batteries would go flat very quickly. If you have a wired camera then you should have an option in the app to enable 24/7 continuous recordings to the SD card.

If you deselect this toggle shown below then 24/7 recording to the SD card will be enabled.

Hi, thanks for the reply. The camera is a YI Dome Camera 1080p.

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You’re welcome John. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

Good morning,

Doing some Google searching brought me here! I have a couple of Yi 3 cameras which allow me to watch SD footage at 4x or 8x speed, but my outdoor one does not have this feature.

Do the dome cameras have this? I have seen YouTube videos which contradict each other!

Any advice is much appreciated, I am looking to buy more but really want this fast forward feature, it is the biggest criticism for my outdoor camera!

Thank you

Only certain cameras currently have the playback speed option. The Dome is not one of those. It would be great if YI could add this with a firmware upgrade but not sure if they can or if the technology allows.

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Thanks for confirming, I suspected as much but good to know for sure.

Has anyone looked into flashing firmware from a different model onto one? I.e. take the firmware from a Yi 3 and put it into the outdoor model? I appreciate it wouldn’t work for the Dome as it needs to rotate, but my Yi 3 and outdoor seem to operate the same way?

It is something I haven’t attempted. I guess it’s possible but whether it would give issues when trying to access the Yi infrastructure I wouldn’t know. But it is something id love to see improved. Speed playback on all cameras even more than 4x & 8x and improved video playback controls (think the Netflix type player controls - pause, 10s rewind etc) I find the Yi controls just now a little archaic at the moment.