Playback rewinding jumps back 12 hours from selection

For example: I want to look at a capture from 9pm, I’ll scroll back to 9pm and it’ll hop back to a capture from 9am. And if there’s not capture at 9am it’ll go to the next closest to 9am.

Anything pre 12pm I can scroll through fine, but any capture after 12pm will send me 12 hours before the selected time.

This is on any camera on the YI home app.

Hey @Stinky Thanks for coming to the community forum. I am sorry to hear you’re having timeline issues.

Can you try syncing your clocks to a 24 hour format and see if this resolves your playback issues?

Here is a forum thread with some information about the same topic.

That seems to have fixed it! Thank you! Unfortunately I can’t keep my phone on 24 hours because of other applications so I’d love to see a fix in the future

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Completely understand. Let me check on this with the team and get back to everyone with an update. Thanks for your patience!

Hey @Stinky What is your phone model? And, rough estimate how long ago did this start?

Iphone 11. It worked fine for like a week after I first downloaded the app and then just stopped. It’s been like this for maybe a year or two? I’m really not sure. I don’t use the app often.

Hey @Stinky Thanks for your patience. I have been out for a couple of days and will report this to our team.