Picture quality

Is there anyway to make the picture quality better ?? It’s very pixelated… it’s really important … even if I have to take it somewhere . Anybody have any ideas?

Hello could you give some information about your set up please. Did the camera ever work correctly. Can you post a photo of the camera image?

Which make and model of cameras. How far away from the router is the camera. How many walls the construction etc.

What is your upload and download internet speed and is there any restrictions on what you can do with your connection?

What firmware is your camera on?

What mobile device and o/s are you using? And what is your connection speed - are you using the same connection ?

Are there any other bandwidth hungry devices on the same network? Any activity ongoing like video streaming? If you have any other Internet of things how are these operating?

Hello @Happygirl Are you using SD or HD mode when viewing live feed on your camera? Try switching to HD. it will eat up more data when you are away from wifi but will have a much better picture quality