Person Detection on Kami Wired Outdoor Camera


I purchased a Kami Wired Outdoor camera but now the person detection option is not available on the app. Motion Detection and activity zone is available. It detects motion but doesn’t detect a person, which results in false notifications, especially in my garden.

I believe earlier it was available in the app but no-more now. How can i fix this?

Hello @antsy-pants, Welcome to the forums!
The ‘Person Detection’ feature from the Smart Detection settings of the camera should still be available for Kami Wired Outdoor Camera. Please check the version of the mobile app you’re using and if you are prompted to do an update, kindly proceed and install the update.
Thank you!

Hi @Alvin_Kami , I am using the latest version of the app and my camera is also on the latest firmware.
I have checked this on both iOS and Android Apps on latest OS and App Versions, I am happy to share more details.

cc @Steven_Kami


@Steven_Kami @Alvin_Kami Any update?

I believe there was a recent change with regards to the Person/Human Detection feature in some cameras but I don’t think Kami Wired Outdoor Camera was part of that change. Please create a support ticket by sending the support team an email at to check this further.

Thanks @Alvin, I will create a ticket

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I have 4 Yi outdoor cameras and they all seem to have the person detection. My firmware version is One time I purchased some outdoor Yi cameras from a vendor and ended up with a real old version of the camera. I think he bought a bunch of them not knowing they were an old version with less features. It was the Yi outdoor camera. I sent them back because they did not have all the features built in. Anyway, just make sure you really have the most current version of the camera. I have a few older indoor cameras that don’t have that feature but my newer ones do. I have 13 Yi cameras.

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