Past Cloud Recordings if Camera is Disconnected

Hello! Does anyone know how we can access past Kami cloud motion-detection recordings if the cameras are offline / disconnected?

Im subscribed to Kami Cloud (15-day recordings), and am trying to review if there was any motion captured / detected this morning before the cameras got physically disconnected. I do not use any SD cards, and do not have anyone who can go to the property for me.

I’m just hoping to be able to see if anyone went on property this morning, and was hoping subscribing to Kami Cloud to capture & keep all motion for 15 days would help me achieve this. The following methods have not helped:

(1) When I click on ‘HOME,’ it states ‘The camera is offline. Please check network and power connection’ and doesn’t let me access any of the past motions detected & recorded.

(2) When I click ‘ACTIVITY,’ it simply says ‘If you have Kami Cloud, view your videos on the timeline of your camera.’

I am unable to physically go to the location (hours away by flight) and have strong reason to believe someone has physically disconnected my cameras (e.g. cutting the Internet, switching my breakers on / off, or even possibly entering the home since my cameras were each disconnected about 5-10 min from each other).

I’m in quite a panic — any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @Pinky123 Thanks for coming to the community forum for more info on using your cloud plan.

The first thing I recommend is going to Then, log in with your home app credentials.

In the upper right corner, you will see “orders”. Select this option, then select “Manage Plan”. Make sure all your cameras are synced to your cloud account.

Restart your app, test your motion detections, and see if the clip was saved in your activity tab.

Keep me posted on your testing. This should get your back on track and using your cloud plan to its fullest!