Own I-Cloud Account

Is there a way you can use your own I-cloud account without subscribing to their plan?

Unfortunately unless your able to write your own software and firmware for the device than I doubt it. You can use the SD card memory for your cloud. I think you get 24 hours of alerts from Yi with short clips but no complete action. You would than go to your SD card memory. I think the timeline on the SD card shows little blips in blue that you can focus your attention too and see were activity happened. What is really handy is to have the high speed review to find what you want and I don’t think it is available unless you pay for the cloud. I have 10 cameras out of 13 on the cloud but the other features you get with the cloud besides the alerts are more useful to me. Good luck. The problems I’m having may be related to IOS and settings on my Iphone. Can’t always get a live view right away or quickly with my iphone on some cameras. Going through a neighbors wifi for two cameras works better than through my wifi. Their are a lot of hiccups with these cameras and I think it may be because of my IPhone 12 or whatever Iphone.