Outdoor wireless camera. My experience.

Have owned the camera over the summer and must say very impressed. Two things I would like to mention 1) Battery life will be dramatically reduced if settings are high and camera is tripped regularly. 2) Condensation appeared inside the unit by lens. I went to support who offered to look at exchanging the unit. I just dried it inside and reseated the unit before taking it outside again. Let’s see it that works😀 A great portable addition to any system.

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@garyagh thanks for sharing your experience. Keep us posted on how things go :slight_smile:

Condensation on these types of devices is all too common. I have concerns of this type with two different brands (my Yi cameras are all internal).

Another tip for you is that if your camera gets sunshine on it that will eventually remove the condensation should you not want to take it down.

Alternatively what I have done is used an hair drier on low temperature to help speed up the eradication of the condensation.

If your camera is structurally fine, and it sounds to be, condensation is a factor but to hell limit that you could use a little bit of product like rainX on the lens. That will also stop any issues with rain.

One of my indoor cameras looks out of a window and I use RainX on the outside of the window to reduce the impact of rain and condensation.

But it’s great to see you didn’t panic when the condensation appeared because it does seem to be a factor with these types of outdoor cameras across multiple brands.

Thanks for the reply😃 will try rainx
But the condensation is on the inside lens. Will also try silica gel in the battery compartment and post how it goes

Yes it does get inside mine too (other brands) RainX does help reduce it. But still happens though sadly in very heavy rain or cold spells

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@garyagh @YorkshireUser RainX is a great tip! Way to go thinking outside the box there.

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I’ve had these kinds of monitoring cameras for years and know what @garyagh is feeling. I use RainX on the car glass so thought I’d try it in the lens of my exterior cameras.

My doorbell which I have used before they became popular. The brand that you might offer a partner if you wish to be engaged even gets a weekly disinfection and that’s been done for years. Now it gets sanitised with a UVC light !!!