Outdoor electrical connections

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Something I thought I’d share about making your outdoor electrical connections.
I usually apply something like Permatex Dielectric grease to the 110v AC prongs to help ensure a moisture free connection.
Make sure you don’t just slop it on, use something like a Qtip to lightly apply grease to your connections.

Also, I’ve never tried it on the USB port of the connection, but I will be testing that process out on another USB plug before I try it out on my YI USB connection so stay tuned.

Also, this isn’t an infomercial for Permatex, I’m sure there’s other similar products out there.
I just have experience using this product.

  1. Remember when going to use a process/product like this, make sure all your connection pieces are DRY!
  2. Apply LIGHTLY! More isn’t better.
  3. Try to create a “drip loop”, this will help to carry moisture away from your connection.
  4. You can use an outdoor water-resistant sealing container to help to protect your electrical connection from moisture. (I’ve included a pic of one I’m using currently.)

Again, I know the dielectric grease does work on the 110v side.
I’ll be trying it on the USB part of the connection so stay tuned.


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Been a crazy couple of weeks for me, glad to see your thread made it to the top viewed post of the week @Swiftrun thank you for sharing this information! We appreciate your knowledge and expertise!