Outdoor Camera wont reset.....


I have an ourdoor camera which doesnt seem to like being reset. Last time my network changed I must have spend about 15 minutes pressing/holding desperately trying to get it to reset so I could pair it to the new network. I thought I would update the firmware as I noticed the camera is offline with a blue flashing light. When I try and download the outdoor camera firmware I get redirected to a blank page -


Does anyone else get that or is my firewall trying to protect me?
I had wanted to grab the firmware, copy it to an SD card and plug it in to see if that helped it



Hello. For firmware you would be best contacting Customer Services directly.


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@bpascua For the time being, please contact our support team. We are working to get the firmware page fixed.

@bpascua also give this article a read. Flashing blue light isn’t a negative indicator. It can have a couple different meanings depending on the consistency of the flash or solid state.



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rebooted as its back online. thanks chaps.

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Thanks for the update! Glad to hear all is back on track. Have a great week!