One of my shared users has lost access to "live view".

One of the users I have shared access with has recently lost access to the camera “live view”. I have tried removing them as a user, then re-sending the invite. The user reports, however, that they have accepted the invitation but just get the Kami Cloud welcome screen.
Can you advise on how to restore access for the user, please?


Please check if your account and the account of the person you are sharing the cameras with are in the same region/country. Otherwise, they may be able to accept the invite but won’t be able to see the cameras being shared with them.

Thank you.


Sharing live view with other users is now a paid feature for the Cloud Service. You will have to pay $49.99/month for each user you share with. Sorry.

That is not the case with my cameras. I share with two other people and it continues to work. I think your the one with the cameras that pan, I don’t have any of those so I can’t really give you any advice to get them to work. Good luck.