old footage gone?

Hi! i was hoping to look at some old footage that was on my cloud from november and october but when i look back in my cloud during that time, is says there nothing available but i know we bought the camera by then. the earliest i can go back is december 24.

Is there anyway where i can access the footage before then? I’d really love it

Cloud footage is stored for a limited time only. And I doubt you will be able to get any of that footage. @Steven_Kami will assist more.

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Cloud storage is 7, 15 or 30 days depending on plan

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Hey @kathleen Thanks for coming to the community forum for a little more information about our video storage options.

The information provided above is correct. If there is no cloud subscription we don’t store the footage, and if you are a cloud subscriber, it depends on your plan. Brian mentioned above 7 days, 15 da7, or 30 day history are the options we provide.

If you needed in the future, footage of interest that you have stored in the cloud can be downloaded and stored.

For privacy reasons we don’t store footage and in general, there is so much video footage between our customers its impossible for us to store.

Thanks @Brian and @YorkshireUser for the assist! :metal:

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