Notifications not showing camera name

This just started recently, maybe just in the last couple of months. Whenever I get a motion or event notification, it shows “Activity detected at (SH3784yQY)” instead of “Activity detected at Garage” or “Living room” like it used to. Why is this happening?? How do I get it to show the camera name, as it should, instead of some weird numbers/letters?? That is of no use to me.

Hello @chesscam! Welcome to the community!
Are you using an Android device or iOS? I’m checking the notifications from my YI Home and Kami Home app on my Android phone and it seems the ‘weird’ numbers and letters refer to the time of the alert but it still shows the name of the camera. For example, Outdoor Camera, Activity Detected at: (3H39M15S). It means Activity Detected at 3:39:15 AM.

This is on an iPhone. It does not show the location or name of the camera. It shows “Activity detected…Motion detected at:(numbers/letters)”. It never displays the “Garage” or “Living Room” label which it absolutely used to do. The app is updated so it’s not that.

In this case, I think it’s best to contact the support team so they can check this further. You can send them an email at