Notifications for Camera Alerts suddenly stopped - Android App

I have notifications set to on so if the camera has an alert, my phone sounds a notification. Today it is not working. No notifications but there are alerts downloaded and waiting to be viewed when accessing the app.
I have spare phone which is also not receiving notifications which points to an app fault not the phone.
This happened a few weeks ago. Randomly the notifications stopped. I tried everything including deleting and readding the app but nothing worked, then suddenly notifications started again.
Anyone else having issues?

We sincerely apologize for the troubles you’ve had with the app.

We have noted your experience in regards to not receiving Alert notifications through the YI Home App. We suggest that you try the additional steps provided below:

  1. Update your phone to the latest software version.

  2. Uninstall & reinstall the YI/Kami Home App.

  3. Restart your phone.

  4. Launch the YI/Kami Home App > Settings > Smart Detection Settings > toggle Motion Detection on. If using a battery camera, launch the Y/Kami Home app > Click inside the camera thumbnail > Click Mode > Motion Detection always On.

  5. Access the Settings of your mobile phone > Applications > Application Manager > YI/Kami Home App > Notifications > toggle Allow Notifications on.

  6. From the Settings of your mobile phone > tap App Permissions > YI/Kami Home App > toggle Permissions on.

  7. Go to Settings > tap Battery > tap the toolbar icon on the top right of the page> tap Optimize Battery Usage > All Apps > YI/Kami Home App > toggle Optimization off.

  8. Go to Settings > YI/Kami Home App > toggle Background App Refresh on.

Let us know if the issue persists, and contact us at

I have had this issue several times and sent a request for assistance to remedy the problem since I’m a paying customer and have over 4 cameras set up and rely on the accuracy of the reporting/notifications to monitor my house and property. Have had several times that one or more of the cameras fails to even recognize any movement or send an alert of any kind to me. I emailed the company and left my intended “next course of action” that I would be dropping every and all ties I have with them unless I recieved some kind of fix. Well I’ve waited longer than I had intended. I’m not going to delete reinstall update this that or anything, if the company can’t get things up to par then no sense in wasting time money on a system that might catch someone destroying or stealing what I’ve worked my ass off for. So being the honest person I am I’m dropping this no rate company and finding a reputable company that values the individuals who pay for service and can’t even get a response. This is purely a selfish unreliable entity that could care less. I’m trashing each of the 5 cameras and literally trashing rendering all unable to work. I’ve inquired over and over but the company won’t return and cooesp


Exactly the same thing again today.

It is not my phone, it is exactly the same on another phone.

It is not the app because my windows pc app is not picking up any alerts either yet they are recorded on the sd card.

Therefore none of the fixes above will work anyway. I’m glad I don’t pay for a cloud subscription - money wasted.


I have had the same problem for the past week. However today I’m pretty sure that also the servers are down. IThe app will not allow me to login on any device for a few hours now. I have tried all the tips listed above and none of them work on ios or android. But yes, the notification failiures have been going on since I switched to android a week ago. It’s not us, the fault is with Yi themselves. I have tried all the tips listed by Sarah above numerous times. It’s getting quite tiring. The problem is clearly not with our cameras, phones, or routers, but with the app and the service itself. Please attempt to fix this ASAP.

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They just answered me :

Thank you for contacting Kami Vision and YI Support.

We are very sorry that you are having issues with the Yi/Kami/IoT Home App. Our team is aware of these issues and is actively working to fix them. This is the highest priority for us. We will be releasing a series of updates that should resolve your issue.

In the meantime, we are really sorry for any inconvenience caused. Your feedback and satisfaction with the cameras and app are really important to us. We appreciate your business and ask for your patience as we look to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Please let us know if this answers your questions or if there is anything else we can help you with.

Thank you very much for your patience and have a great day!

Here is your reference ticket number:

Best Regards,

Kami Vision and YI Support

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This is happening again for me today. Anybody else?

Alerts are working ok for me today.

Would be a good idea if they had “system status” - that way we would know if it was something at the server end.

To only reply back to a message that it was a ‘known issue’ last time wasn’t very helpful.

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Thanks Simmy. Amen to that. It would be great to have a system check. I found this site the other day. It seemed accurate in reporting the fault when the servers were down on the last mess 4 days ago… There were like 99+ people reporting the status on there when I last checked but yes would be a good thing to notify us on this site when they know for sure there is a current issue…

I looked for this on various websites including youtube and solved it using to get the phone out of the silent mode.

I am having same problem with two cameras.
I’ve done all the above and more it works on other motion but thats no good as I get alerts when flowers blow in the wind.
However with animal and person on I can walk around all day without an alert