Not continuously recording

I purchased the Kami cloud service which was for 30 days of recording with motion detect. The first few days I was able to go back to any day and time on any camera and replay the recordings. Today I can only go back to what seems to be set times or activities and nothing else before or after. Any ideas on what could be causing my cloud to not be playing back the whole day

Hey @Bwieber57 Thanks for coming to the forum for more information about your cloud subscription.

Our motion detection plans only store clips of motion activity detected. It will only store those clips when you have detections.

We also have CVR plans (continuous video recording) which records the entire day and stores all.

Would you have preferred to subscribe to our CVR plan instead of Motion Detection?

Hi, I do have the CVR plan for $130/yr. It was working as intended for the first three days a d since Jan 1st it will only replay when motion was detected and for awhile after the MD.

I did recheck and I guess that 130/yr plan is only for motion detect video. The only CVR plan that I see if for 1 camera. Is there no 5 camera 24/7 CVR plans. That would be a total bummer

At this stage there is not.

We are working on introducing different plans on our customers needs. Right now, if you want CVR for multiple cameras, you need to purchase a plan for each camera.