No sound or voice from camera or to app from camera

Neither of my YI Dome cameras 1080P can hear sounds coming from the app or to the app from the camera.

Hi Bradford, is this an issue that recently started? Were you able to hear audio from the camera before, and play sound through the camera before?

I had a dome camera do the same. I have up on it and upgraded to the home camera 3 as it was a few years old and the only yi camera I had trouble with.

The only camera we could talk and be heard was the 1080p, neither of the domes that I have can be heard. The 1080p sound was very low.

Please send an email to describing the issue and they may be able to provide a solution.

Hi is there an update in this ? I have a couple of 1080p dome cameras and cant get any sound from both for the last few days. Not sure when it started though. I still get the sound from my external camera.