No playback recording avaliable. Why?

I have been using yi dome camera from Jan 2019. Then, app was supporting playback recording from sd card. Now for many months its not avaliable. I get notifications for cloud subscription.
The only reason I chose this camera is because it had sd card recording and playback.

Hi @Yibad sorry to hear you’re having issues with the playback. Here are a couple of things I would like you to try.

First please check that your internet connection is working properly. When there is a weak internet connection the SD card playback may not load in the App. To do this go to the live feed in the App, then click settings, then Network/Connectivity.

If everything looks ok there, please format the SD card. To do this go to the live feed in the App, then click settings, then Storage/MicroSD Card, then Format Storage Card.

When asked, “All video in the MicroSD card will be deleted after formatting, continue?”, click OK. Wait until the camera resets. Go to the Home screen and swipe down to refresh. Go back into Settings. You will now see MicroSD Card showing “In good condition”.

Please let me know if that helps!


I don’t see any option to format Sd card, infact there is no storage option avaliable in you new update only cloud subscription is avaliable. I’m attaching screenshots for your reference.

Either send me the app that was initially used or kindly update app with sd card storage features.

I have already formated the sd card using computer. Both sd card and internet is working best of its function.

I have no interest for cloud storage. I purchased this referance to youtube videos, still all videos show sd card recording features.

Kindly do the needful at the earliest.

If there is another android app that support sd card recording kindly send me playstore link.

No intrest for a device without playback from sc card.


I dont see sd card option anyplace

Hi Al, to access the settings for you camera, please go to the cameras live view, then click on the settings icon in the top right hand corner of the live view screen.

From there, scroll down to the ‘Storage’ section where you will see whether the SD card is in good condition (shown below).

To format the SD card, click where it says ‘Format Storage Card’.

I dont see any micro SD card option.


Your SD card is corrupt.

Replace the SD card, preferably with a class 10 and and reboot the camera. Depending on camera its max 32 Gig I believe

I’ve had this issue. If the camera cant see or recognise an SD card it wont show any option there.

Memory cards, especially cheaper ones can be tricky.

Thank you so much for the help @Brian! :muscle: