New wifi router, help.

I had to change routers, now none of my cameras work because of different WiFi. I’m hoping there is a way to change it without having to climb up on ladder and try and reset every one of them like in the beginning. I’ve got a bad feeling I’m going to be on ladder. HELP!

Hello. The only way to reconfigure the cameras to the new network is to reset the devices. First delete them from the app.

Unless you can rename the new network to your previous name.


Thank you. Yeah, I had to reset all the cameras, but it was easier than it was the first time.
Thanks again

Yeah you gotta climb up and reset every camera. Ive had to do that a few times now, its terrible. I wanted to change my wifi password but the only reason i havent done that is because i would need to reset all 10 high up cams

I’ve done everything you said but it still shows up as Cam_ and says no internet access. How do I fix this please??