New User Setup - Camera Cool Off period

I am very new to the Yi Home Camera 3. I understand there is a cool off period between the camera motion detection. Is that for each camera, or all on the account. For example if my front door detects someone walking out, will my driveway camera pick up motion from that same person maybe 45 seconds later or not.


@KL_Roth The cool-off period is camera dependent. The function operates based on each individual camera on the account. The cool-off period is controlled by the Alert Frequency under smart detection in Settings. For the YI Home 3, the cool-off period is 3 min on High, 5 min on Medium and 10 min on Low. The default is 5 min. Once the driveway camera detects the person walking, the PIR sensor will be triggered by the movement and send an alert to the app and notification to the phone if enabled. The amount of time to see the alerts depends on several factors. When the PIR sensor is triggered, the Wi-Fi connection between your router and camera and latency.

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