New Cam does not pair to Kami App

I’m using a set of 4 outdoor 1080p cams for about 2 yeard together with Kami App (and Kami cloud service STANDARD). This worked so far.

Looking for a new PTZ cam I found a Yi 1080p PTZ outdoor cam. Labeled “Freecam” but relating to the Yi App in the attached manual.

Problem: I can connect and use the new cam with the Yi App - but cannot connect the old cams to the Yi App.

I cannot connect the new cam to the Kami App.

If I try to connect the new PTZ cam to the Kami App, the cam reads the QR code, connects to WiFi and says, it could be used - but the App cannot complete the pairing process which must be aborted.

If I try to connect an old outdoor cam to the Yi App, the cam reads QR code, connects and says it could be used - but the App wants the cam give a name but cannot save any name to the cam, must also be aborted. But this time the cam is present in the Kami App.

As a small issue on top of this it seems that the Yi App cannot connect to my existing cloud service although I log in with same ID of course. Is Kami cloud and Yi cloud not the same thing?

Any help is appreciated.

Hey Robert,
Apologies for any difficulties you experienced with the setup. We’d be happy to take a look into this for you, please contact us at
Thank you.