Neighbor is hacking our cameras with high intensity light

We have a neighbor that keeps hacking into our cameras using high intensity lights and lasers. I have changed our password several times and reset the cameras as well, and they continue to be able to hack into it. Any thoughts on how I can prevent this?

Oh no! @Kunger64 Are they able to hack into your camera feeds or your voice assistant using high intensity light and lasers? There is technology out there that hackers have used in the past to get into peoples voice assistants, not necessarily access their camera feed. This is a wild one…

My most immediate recommendation is to add a pin to your camera feed.

Go to the settings for the camera you wish to add a pin.
Under Security, you will see Pin Protection.
Toggle this on and add your unique PIN number.
Access to this feed will require the PIN.

Any other details you can share will be helpful. Many thanks for your patience. I am sorry to hear this has been an issue you for you. That’s a real bummer your neighbor is being so devious.