my YI dome doesn't apparear in YI home app PC

my YI cam works very well with my phone.
I would like to see him in YI home app on my computer (pc).
I using the right account, but the doesn’t apperear ?
What can I do ? Help

ma Yi camera fonctionne très bien avec mon téléphone.
Je voulais utiliser l’application YI home sur mon ordinateur (un pc).
J’utilise le bon compte, mais elle n’apparait pas dans les liste des appareil?
Que puis-je faire ? Un peu d’aide ?

Sincerely Kanau

Hey @Kanau Can you double-check which region is set on your app and that it matches the region set when you log into your account on the PC. This should resolve your issue

Hi Steven,
Great ! It’s work!
Thanks’you !

Awesome! I have had this happen to me before :slight_smile: glad it was a simple fix