My Yi Dome cant see video record on SD card

Start from 1 month ago, i cant see video that has been recorded on my SD card, both on mobile or desktop version of Yi Home. In the track bar recorded video, it didnt show any record. The health of SD card is okay and The capacity is almost full, that is mean there are any recorded video on SD card. But in the motion detect, when i tap the motion video alert, it says " video download failed, switch to camera". It also happen to my friend Yi Dome.
Anyone can help me?
Thanks before

Hi @ringgaalbert, welcome to the forum and thanks for providing those details regarding your issue. I’m going to do some investigation and get back to you shortly.


I have exactly the same problem, can only watch camera in real time, although it says I have alerts, when I click on alerts it says exactly the same, try to slide the timer bar back but automatically goes to real time… please advise.