Multiple cameras set to record simultaneously

Would it be possible to add this to the next update, please?

I have multiple cameras on the same Wifi network covering different angles of my property. I think it would be a good option if you can set all cameras to record simultaneously if only one camera picks up motion. the multiple cameras become a cluster, anyone one of them can set off the recording.

One of your competitors has this feature and viewing security footage and tracking suspicious visitors on the property easy because all cameras are synced.

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This would be good. Ring does this pretty well (fairly new to them as well) but Ring like you to spend the cash with them!

But it would be great for security purposes.

I have two re external ring cameras. If they experience motion my front ones record as well as the doorbell so I know how useful this functionality is.


Thanks for the great idea @YorkshireUser That is definitely something I’ll share with the team tomorrow and get some feedback on the possibility of introducing this to our camera features. And, you’re 100% right, it would make things so much more useful for multiple cameras covering different angels of the property.

Be well all! I’ll be in touch tomorrow.

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It would have to be a feature that is only an option and selectable for certain cameras as opposed to all cameras otherwise the more cameras you have you would essentially be recording nearly all the time… which I wouldn’t want with cloud storage as it would eat too much data.


Yes that is how I would like it to work and how another brand I use work. It also be good if it could be time based too. Or motion type activated (I.e person detected or sound).

Of course it wouldn’t have to be used like with the brand I use too.


thanks for the awesome information.


thanks my issue has been fixed.